Mr + Mrs Ureel

This wedding a close-to-home one for me. Cara has been apart of my life since I was about 10 years old. Jon came into my life later into my teen years. So before I really age myself here, lets just say I have know them are long time! 

Anyone that knows me knows that I do not typically shoot family or friends weddings. But This one was a bit different. When Cara reached out and asked if I would shoot her wedding day, it was a YES without question.

I have known Cara since we were kids. We use to run wild and free around the horse barns together. From climb the Mountain S***Moore and sleid down, to swimming in the pond with the ponies, to the super late nights to make sure that horse finally made those happy belly noises and we could finally cry tears of joy knowing we were in the clear. We learn how to be adults and have responsibilities at those barns together. We understand how to love beyond ourselves at those barns. Most of all, we learned the importance of friendship at the horse barns.

Yesterday was a great reminder of that. No matter where this world took us, we have always found a way to bring all of us back together when it comes time to celebrate those happy moments!

Jon, this is your official welcome to the family. I know you have been around for more than a long while, but you are officially stuck with the crazy, sometimes dysfunctional, but most loyal group of people you will ever meet. They will always have .your back, support your every dream, and make sure you are always protected.


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