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Frequently asked

How many Images Will I Receive?

Clever Candid Photography LLC guarantees at least 50 photos per hour per shooter on the ground shooting.

So for example our Modern Wedding Investment is 4 hours with 1 photographer on the ground. This would have a guarantee of at least 200 photos. 

What is your time frame? When will you start and be done for the day?

This is completely up to you!

We will work on this when we work on your wedding questionnaire. We plan things out together to make things flow easier and get the most out of your collection.

What kind of payments does Clever Candid Photography LLC take?

We accept almost every type of payment method. We do in-person payments or invoicing.

We accept:
Venmo (clevercandidphotos)
and All Major Credit Cards

Does Clever Candid Photography LLC offer payment plans?

Yes, we do!

We offer a payment option to make it easy for all of our couples to afford any of our pre-designed investment options. 

All payment options require a 20% retainer payment due at contract signing, than we have 2 payment plan options for you! 

Option 1 – You have an open invoice with the balance due the day of your wedding. 

Option 2 – Your remaining balance is split into equal payments over the remaining months until your wedding. 

What do I do if I would like a photo changed to black and white?

That’s an easy one! We can do that for you!

You have up to 6 months after your photos are delivered to you to have any of your photos changed for FREE.

After 6 months it may be an additional cost to have the photos changed.

Where can we view my sneak peeks?

Sneak peeks are always put up on Facebook first. Then the photos will be added to your finished album.

I send you a direct link so you can share them with your friends and family. You get this link no more than 48 hours after your wedding because who likes to wait? 


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